40 Shining Jewels Slot – Review

Yes gold and silver are both wonderful. However, do you want to know what is even better? Having jewels that can hypnotize lookers, adorn royal crowns, wage battles, and topple kingdoms.

Unfortunately, most of us are not fortunate enough to see these type of jewels in real life (outside of museums obviously). However through playing Casino Technology’s slot 40 Shining Jewels slot, you will be able to experience having that type of royal lifestyle.

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Going Into the Royal Treasury- Casino Technology is known for creating slots that are budget friendly. A lot of their slots are geared towards to beginners and the penny-players that do not like to invest a whole lot, but still like to have that gambling rush feeling.


40 Shining Jewels fits the treasury criteria very well. This is a penny slot that is supposed to give the players the slot spinning action feeling. However, do not expect to win huge cash rewards in this slot. Just wanted that fact to be known so that way you would not be shocked as you are playing it. Do not want to leave any players with disappointment.


The 40 Shining Jewels Slot Gameplay- Due to this slot being developed by Casino Technology, it would only make sense for the gameplay to be unimaginative. The gameplay for this slot is very similar to a lot of other slots that are on the web.


There are five reels and 40 active paylines available for the players to make the most out of. As you are spinning the reels, the symbols will shuffle, stutter, and then stop. When the reel stops spinning, your reward will be revealed or will set you back. These symbols are mostly different sizes and colors of jewels.


In regards to the setbacks, there is not much to worry about. This will be explained in the next section.


Wagering- 40 Shining Jewels being a penny slot is just one thing, but it being stingy is another thing. Even though this slot has a grandiose name and fame, it falls in the latter category.


Wagering in this slot is normal and very formulaic. All you can wager is just one game coin for each line for any spin, no more than and no fewer than. If you are annoyed about this, do not worry. The reason is because the coin denominations are bracketed between 1 cent and 10 cents.

In other words, nothing more than $4 for each spin can be wagered. With this being the case, your set back will only be $4 which is what a lot of beverages cost.


Winning- Just like it was already mentioned, do not expect to win any huge prizes. None of the prizes offered in this slot will make you jump out of your bed and run into the streets. The classic 7 symbol has the highest value. It gives out a decent amount of 1,000 coins which is no more than $100 for landing five on any reel. Landing similar combinations of other jewels will not help you receive a good deal of coins.


The Wild and Scatter Symbols- A Royal Crown that contains the most precious gems and jewels is the wild. This allow players to make adjustments to the uncompleted combinations freely. Also, this wild has the ability to have 2x multipliers.


The scatter symbol which is the Treasure Chest is the best thing about this slot. If you land 3, 4, and 5 of these symbols anywhere, you will win 50, 800, and 20,000 coins in a respective manner. With all of these factors combined, there are finally prizes that are a representation of the jewels.


Final Thoughts about 40 Shining Jewels Slot- 40 Shining Jewels is a type of slot that can only be played for fun. The reason is because it does not have a good payout system. The prizes in this game that are offered is not great. If you are looking to play a slot game that has big prizes, then this is definitely not the one for you. Basically it is a slot game that can be played for free. The house edge for this slot is about 6.5% ahead of the players.


If you are okay with playing slot games that do not offer huge payouts, then this is definitely perfect for you. Also, if you are new to playing slots, then this is a good slot for you to play as well. A lot of new slot players feel more comfortable playing this type of slot, before playing slots with huge payouts. It is a fun slot game to play. All of the elements combined in this slot has everything (outside of big payouts) that is needed to make a slot entertaining.

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