Batman Classic TV Series Slot

The first Batman series debuted in 1966. It lasted for three seasons. The series was famously known for its camp type of style. Adam West played the Caped Crusader and Burt Ward played Robin (compatriot).


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Other characters like the Joker and the Riddler (Batman’s enemies) were also featured in the series. All of the characters do make appearances on the reels on this slot. It is a hard slot to miss at casinos. The slot is in a 10.5 foot tall cabinet that has three wheels. They offer huge bonus payments to its players.


How to Win?- The wild symbols in this slot are both Batman and Robin. Each of the symbols can be stacked three high, two high, or even as one symbol. These symbols will replace all symbols that are separate from each other, meaning the Jackpot symbol and the scatter one.


If a player lands Batman five times in a row then they will receive a payout of 500 coins. Robin on the other hand will give players a payout of 300 coins. Other characters that make appearances on the reels are Catwoman, Batgirl, and Alfred The Butler. While playing this slot, players will also see a bat phone. In the game, a shakespare bust opens the door to a bat cave along with a bat boomerang.


The Features of This Slot- The progressive jackpot is the first feature of the slot. Players who play the maximum bet are the only ones eligible for this feature. In this slot, this is the scatter symbol. If a player lands the symbol on all five of the reels, they will win a progressive jackpot. Players who pay for less than the maximum bet will receive a fixed win of 2,000 coins for five scatter symbols.


This slot contains two other features. Both of them add extra wilds to the reels. One is the Batmobile wilds. The visual of this wild symbol shows Batman and Robin in their famous car and it drives across the reels. This leaves off a trail of the wild symbols. These wilds make a similar type of appearance that they did in the original series. However, instead of seeing “Pow!” and “Thwack!” players of this slot will see “Wild!”


The other wild feature in this slot, is based on the bat sign that Commissioner Gordon makes shine during night in the city of Gotham. This makes Batman aware that he is needed for some type of service. In this slot, this wild makes an appearance on the screen and it positions itself across four symbols and they turn each of them into wild symbols. Players would definitely love this because it gives them extra wins. Another factor that players would love about this feature is that on different occasions a multiplier multiplies the wins up to 3x.


In this slot, the scatter symbol has a wheel of fortune type of wheel with the Batman symbol in front of it. Only on reels 1,3, and 5 does this symbol makes appearances on. This scatter symbol, gives out an immediate win of 10 credits when they appear on all of those reels. After this, players will get to the main feature of this slot. The name of that feature is called “Gotham City Feature Wheel”. When this happens, players are asked to look at the lower section of the two reels. While looking at the reels, they will spin. Either an immediate crash credit will show or one of the characters from the series will make an appearance. All players of this slot, would not want the credit amounts because landing a character would make them go to the uppermost wheel in which will have much larger numbers for each of the segments.


If you are a huge fan of Batman and know the background of it, you would definitely love to play this slot. Not only would you want to play this slot, but you would want to play it over and over again. It is definitely a slot that you would never get tired of. By it being based on a well-known classic superhero, it would only make sense for it to be worth the hype.


Even if you are not a huge Batman fan and is not that familiar with his background, you can still enjoy this slot. Regardless if you are old or young. Also, if you are a fan of slots designed by Aristocrat, then that is another reason as to why you should give this game a try. With all of the combining factors of this slot, the grade that is being given to it is a B+. After giving this game a try, you will definitely see why this slot is receiving that as a grade.

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