Coffee Magic Slot – High Caffeine Pokies in 2016

Slot games have the ability to take players on a fantastic journey and at times can hit right home for slot players. Also, they have the ability to share a new perspective on different objects.

Coffee Magic, developed by Casino Technology, focuses on one of the most popular beverages in the world. Like the title suggests, coffee is the main focus of this game. Coffee is known to make people have energy and caffeine from the start of the morning. Any player that hopes to win the jackpot needs to have a lot of energy. If you want to continue to learning about Coffee Magic slot, then you have to continue reading this.

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Getting Your Day Started- Coffee Magic is very unique in the slot universe. This type of theme is not popular. Everything in this game looks new.


The layout of this game is classic and the reels in this game are huge in the middle. Also, there is a command bar located at the bottom. These huge reels contain a cartoon-designed style type of design with a lot of white and brown. On top of the screen, there is a nice amount of space for a giant coffee mug that is full with the black liquid to appear.


This slot has a lot of originality to it. Stay tuned and you will find out more about this slot and how it works.


The Gameplay of Coffee Magic Slot- The rules of this game are pretty similar to the ones for a lot of other slots. In order to get a good idea of what you are supposed to do next, look at the command buttons that are located below the reels.


There are five reels and a maximum of 21 paylines available. In order to receive cash rewards, symbol combinations have to land on these. You do this by picking a coin denomination and a wager first, before activating the amount of paylines you want to use.


There is an optional mini game that gets triggered by each win in this game. During the optional mini game, each payout can be doubled if you make the correct guess on a hidden card. If you are able to guess the suit, you can have your final reward quadrupled.


Symbol combinations and your wager sizes play a part in the rewards you receive. It is recommended that you try to bet a little bit more so that your future payouts will increase. If you are feeling lucky, you can also go all the way in with the max bet shortcut. The auto play game mode can be activated in order to place your wager on more than one spin in a row with just using a single click from your mouse.


The Perfect Meal- Starting your day off with some coffee can definitely be the best for you. The paytable of this game definitely shows this very clearly. All of the rewards that will be discussed are based on a one coin bet on the reels.


The J, Q, K, and A symbols are the standard card icons and they take up a majority of the reel positions in this game. Your rewards for these symbols will go from 5 to 150 credits


The sugar, biscuits, coffee drinking woman, coffee mug, and the coffee pot take up the rest of the paytable in the base game. It is best to try to land these symbols. Most of these symbols do accept the short combos of 2 icons. The biggest payout that is available is 5,000 credits.


Coffee Magic is like most of the other modern slots that are available on the market. This slot does offer more than standard reel symbols. Who knows, you can be the person to start up something special as the reels are spinning.


The wild symbol of the game is the coffee bean icon. It can substitute for any other symbol and can get you some wins of the process of doing so.


If you land at least three coffee bean symbols, you can also receive big prizes that go up to 4,200 credits along with an additional 10 free games. When the bonus starts, you can choose a symbol and change it to an expanding wild for the entire game. Each time new coffee beans symbols appear, they will pay back the wager you placed. If you have enough luck, you can receive even more free games.


This slot game is very unique and still manages to contain classic bonuses and reels, even though its theme is original. Even if you prefer tea over coffee, you can still enjoy this game. The bonuses provided are great and the rewards are fantastic. When playing this game, have fun with your coffee magic.

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