Don’s Millions Slot – Review

Don’s Millions slot is a new casino slot on the market and it is full of action. The theme of this game revolves around the mobster world and it contains something unique.


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There are a lot of expectations of this slot because of the marketing that has been involved in it. If you want to find out whether or not this slot is worth all of the hype, then you should keep reading this.


The Mafia Theme- The mafia theme in this game is definitely one to not take lightly. When it comes to the theme, it goes all the way in. Cayetano Gaming definitely felt as if there was a legacy that needed to be upheld when developing this game.


Before this game starts, there is a video that is shown. You do have the option to skip it. However, it is not recommended you do because there are some nice animations in it and tough voices in it as well that helps make it very interesting.


The game looks pretty amazing. There is a lot of nice detail in it along with a lot of creativity. Fluid animations that are in the game are pretty fantastic.


The reels that take the center point has lights surrounding it. Its background is set in the Don’s office with stacks of cigars, money, and scotch on the table. Cayetano Gaming did an excellent job at designing the presentation of Don’s Millions. Its presentation is on top of the class.


The Cash Stacked- When you are looking at Don’s Millions, you would notice that everything is exactly where it should be at. Your total stake is found on the bottom left of the screen. It can decrease or an increase. In order to make it decrease or increase, you have to use the “+” or “-“symbol. Auto spin and spin buttons are located on the right of the screen. The total balance is found at the top right of the screen, right above the reels. On the top middle of the screen, winnings are displayed.


The user interface is the best part of the game because it fits in perfectly with the theme. Cayetano Gaming does not like to use any ole preset user interface, but designs one for specifically for this game. They definitely deserve props for this.


Joining the Family- This contains 5 reels and 25 paylines. Don’s millions are held within in it. The gameplay mechanics in this game are very solid when you win. Winning symbols are highlighted with a line that is drawn through them.


The bonuses in this game are really fantastic as well. Let’s, just say you do not win for six straight spins, there is no need to worry. The reason as to why you do not have to worry is because there is a hidden multiplier which gets revealed when this type of scenario occurs. This multiplier will increase to the maximum amount of 20x and it will be applied when you do win again.


Getting the Vault Cracked- The Don himself is the wild symbol in the game. It works to finish any payline that is active. If you land 3 free spins symbols, you will receive free spins.

The special part about this is that you are given the choice to impact the game. Your choice will be Joe’s Garage, The Bank, or The Grocery Store. Joe’s Garage will make a shotgun shoot random wild symbols. Dynamite is used to blow the whole reels wild during The Bank. The Grocery Store changes random symbols into wilds and also makes them sticky. This is a really fantastic addition to the game. Large wins can be received through using the bonus features in this game.


There are a lot of slot games that are just average at its best and are not memorable. Don’s Millions definitely is not that game. When you are playing it, you are going to wish that it could go on forever and ever. This game is definitely a standout from a lot of other slots that are currently on the market. It provides an unforgettable gameplay along with a stunning presentation.

Another great thing about this slot is that there are many different ways to win. That alone is pretty astounding. The fact that it is free is another great thing about this slot. Since it is free, but still gives out amazing prizes you should definitely give this slot a chance as soon as possible. This game is definitely worth playing. It has all of the important factors that all slots need in order for their players to be entertained throughout their entire gaming session. Cayetano Gaming definitely knew what they were doing and put a lot of time and thought into developing this slot.

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