Double Diamond Slot Machine Review

Double Diamond is a very fun slot machine game for many that is developed by IGT. Since it is developed by IGT, you can expect it to be a game that is worth your time. This is a 3 reel slot game. The game is available through the developer’s site. It is a game that is simple to learn and it also has low wagering requirements. This is why it is a popular choice among a lot of casino goers. The multiplier feature in the game has up to four times the wager. Also the payout percentage is between 85 and 98 percent. Anyone who is a fan of the Las Vegas slot machines would definitely love this game.

What Is the Maximum Bet for This Game?- The maximum bet for this game is only three coins. Even though it is only three coins, the biggest awarded prize is 2,500 coins.

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The Symbols in the Game- The features of this game include the classic symbols for slot machines like the number 7, cherries, Double Bar Symbols, the Double Diamond Logo, and BAR. Double Diamond Logo is the symbol that is the highest paying one. This symbol can pay up to 2,500 coins if it appears three times on the payline that is a winner. Even if a person only gets one of the symbols or a combination on the payline, they can still get a reward.

How Many Denominations Can The Game Be Played In?- The game can be played in multiple denominations. It also has the second highest payout rate of 1600 coins.


How Many Ways Can A Player Win In This Game?- This game provides 27 unique ways for a person to win. The reason is because the game has different combinations of the symbols that are located on the reels.

What Type of Feeling Does This Game Give Off?- The graphics and audio in the game gives it a modern feel, but however the diamonds, the number 7, and the bars give it a classic slot machine type of feel. A lot of the modern day slot machine lovers love the LED lighting and the fact that it functions very smoothly.

How to Play and Betting- In order to play this game, the player has to choose the betting amount that he or she wishes to place. After placing the bet, the next step is to hit spin. Players can place bets through using USD, GPB, Euro, and CAD. The players of this game can make a small bet of 2p and go as high as £5. In the USD, the smallest bet that can be made on this game is 25 cents. However through using USD, the highest bet can even go up to $100. If the jackpot is won, the player will be able to take home up to £12,500.

Bonus Rounds on the Game- By it being a simple 3 reel slot, it does not have many features. However, the slot does contain a wild multiplier symbol. The wild symbol of this game plays a huge role in increasing the chances of winning. This symbol can be used as a replacement for the other symbols in the game.

The Wild Symbol in this game is also a multiplier when it makes its appearance on the payline that is winning. In this game, the multiplier is determined by the number of wild symbols that is on the payline.

Even though this game does not have a lot of bonus features, it is still an entertaining game to play whenever you have the chance to play it. It is game that can bring in a lot of joy and entertainment to its players. Since it is a game developed by IGT, you can best believe that it is a game that is a lot of fun. IGT always likes to make sure they keep their loyal supporters happy and to find ways to make their support expand each and every day. By developing this game, this shows that doing their best to make sure that they are continuing to have a lot of success.

With all of the amazing symbols and features of the slot machine, it deserves an A. It has the ability to make sure players receive their time and money’s worth. All of the combining factors of the game are the reasons as to why it has become popular among those who like to play casino games. Slot machines like these are making the slot machine industry continue to go forward. After playing this slot machine, you will have a good understanding as to why this is receiving a high grade. Once you start playing it, you are not going to want to stop doing so.

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