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A lot of us grew up hearing fortune tellers. They have existed since the start of time. These mystical features represented an idea of predicting the future in some way shape or form.


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Most people know that there is not much truth to what fortunetellers have said, but this does not make the idea of trying to predict the future less interesting. Fortune Tree slot developed by Gameplay Interactive is aiming to bring this idea to reality.


Its theme has a barmy look to it. This game has definitely been gaining a lot of buzz after its release. The main thing is does this game live up to its hype. By continuing to read this, you will soon find out.


Going Into the Unknown- This game has a look that is out of the world. It does come from a theme perspective. There is a fortune tree in the background and it is full of pure gold along with gold coins. Banners grow out of its branches, but not leaves.


It has a rich and spectacular look to it that is in color and has a lot of detail. It has a shine to it and it has an effect on the environment. When you are looking at this, you will see that there are crystals coming out of the ground surrounding it.


Its Design- The reels have a very stunning look to them. A whole lot of gold plated items are featured in this game during this part of the game. Those items include a water jug, ships, keys, plates, fans, coins, medallions, and vases. Lets face it, Gameplay Interactive did a wonderful job at developing this game. This game is definitely a work of art.


The Control System- This game has a control system that is easy to use. Thankfully with this game, there is not any confusion with the control set up. Having a confusing control set up alone can make a player frustrated and not want to play the game. A lot of times, when there is confusion, it will make a player feel like the developer did not want to put that much time and effort into thinking in developing the game. It definitely does seem like Gameplay Interactive put in a lot of time and effort into creating this game.


Figuring Out the Game- The user interface is underneath the reels. All the way from left to the right, there is a line bet, an auto spin, a max bet, spin, and a win/total bet. As far as the controls, that is just it. All a player has to do for this game is tweak the game to how they will like it and then hit the spin button. After this, you just hope that you receive the combination you want.


Thinking About the Future- This slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines that are fixed. Regardless, all 25 paylines will be betted on. After a win, only winning symbols will keep their color and the others will become monotone. This game offers different symbols that will be very helpful in winning big.


The Wild Symbol- The Fortune Tree is the wild symbol of the game. It replaces itself to finish off your completed activated paylines. This symbols only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Also, there is a scatter symbol in the game. If three or more are landed on consecutive reels, then free spins will be triggered.


The Free Spins- During the free spins, one out of the three trees has to be selected which appears on 2, 3, and 4. Each tree has its own group of spins that has a purple tree containing 20 free spins along with a random multiplier that is between 2x to 5x.


There is a possibility of getting the gold tree. This tree gives out 5 spins and a multiplier of 10x, 15x, or even 30x. All in all, there is a lot of opportunities provided in order to receive an unforgettable fortune that will keep you happy for a while.


This slot has a lot of different components to it that makes it so beautiful. Not only are the bonuses amazing, there are fantastic prizes offered to the players. Also, it is a simple game to figure out. This slot has everything it needs to satisfy players. You should definitely play this game as soon as possible. It is definitely worth all of your time. Who knows, through this game you might be able to receive a big fortune. Gameplay Interactive definitely hit big with this one. During the time you are playing this game, you are going to see why it is receiving such a good review. This is the one casino slot to play whenever you get the chance.

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