Foxin Wins Slot Review

If you love looking at adorable characters then you would definitely love Foxin Wins. This game is full of very entertaining symbols and graphics like red sports cars, the mansion, and gold fountains. Also of course, Mr. Fox himself which is the Wild Symbol. Like in a lot of other games, this symbol replaces all of the other symbols, except the scatter. It is a 5 reel, 25 payline, 3d slot developed by NextGen Gaming. The game has already become the company’s most popular game.

Who Is the Target Audience for This Game?- Due to the graphics and animations of the game, the game can appeal to those who are less experienced with playing slot machines and ones who are veterans.

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AUD $502

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2-3 Days

+ 4 more

The Bonus Features in the Game- For this game, the bonus features are triggered randomly. There is not much to think about to get to the bonus features. All players have to do is make the reels spin and enjoy the entertainment provided by the game. Mr. Fox goes across the screen and catches the very mischievous leprechaun once the bonus feature is triggered. After he catches the leprechaun, he then shakes it until the gold coins come down.

What Makes The Game Fun?-   There are a few different factors as to why this game is fun. One is the graphics in the game. Another factor is the bonus features and the fact that it can be triggered randomly. One important factor to note about the game which makes the bonus features special is that as the gold is cascading, the winnings can lead to a very big win.

Features in the Game- Like already mentioned in the article, Mr. Fox represents the Wild Symbol. If someone hits five wild symbols the payout would be 2,000 coins. Fox pups live behind the reel in the center and switches symbols to Wild in a random manner. The scatter symbols in the game trigger a 10 free spins round. During this round the pups become exicited. Due to their excitement, they turn more symbols into wilds. In order to make the Foxy Funds Feature get triggered, there has to be a cash payout in which there are additional funds added on to the cash that has been won.

The Gamble Feature- This game provides an opportunity to gamble each pot after every single win. All a player has to do is hit the gamble feature. After they hit the gamble feature, they will then be taken to a new screen. This will allow them to stake their own win on a playing card. They can bet on either the suit or the color of the card. However, this can make a player have tears in their eyes. Those who decide to do this, just be aware.


Where to Play This Game- There are a few places in which a person can play this game. One is through going to Another way is through is going to Last but certainly not least, a player can go to in order to play the game.


This is a type of game that will put you in a zone. A zone that would make you want to not stop playing. It is a game that young people and elders can enjoy. Not only can different age groups enjoy the game, but it is also pretty simple to learn, unlike some of the other games.


This game is considered to be a breath of fresh air for many players of this game. It has the ability to capture you right away. The game provides no second of dullness. It can make your eyes glued right away. Many people do not like games that do not grab your attention right away, which is very understandable.

There is a reason as to why this game has already been becoming such a huge success already for NextGen Gaming. NextGen Gaming always like to make sure that they do not make their players not be satisfied with what they are being provided with. The company knows that their supporters matter to them a lot, which is why they have been having a lot of success. They made sure that this game was right for those who are already loyal supporters. Also, with this game, they have been trying to reach out to a larger audience. Which seems like it has been working pretty well for the game. Overall this game definitely deserves an A. It has all of the needed factors to make a person entertained by a game. All of the factors combined is what makes the game very magical and very satisfying for a lot of players. After playing the game, you will have a good understanding as to why it is getting positive reviews.

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