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The ice world is unlike any other. In this world, it is easy to get distracted by the cute animals in it, but it is best to not forget about the setting itself and how magnificent it is. Plus in that world, it is very cold.

Through playing Playtech’s Ice Cave five reel slot, you will be able to experience this type of world. Before playing this slot, you should ask yourself will you be left out in the cold.

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The Theme of the Ice Cave Slot- This slot starts off as a fixed screen. Right here is where you will know the difference between its regular Wildcard and its special Wildcard. Also, you will learn about the Bet Feature.

All of the information is given out within the game, but it is best to see before it starts off. Especially since that by seeing the information before the game starts, you will be able to learn it on your own terms without distractions. Also, you have the option to remove the introduction.


The music gets started during the introduction, and carries on from there. It fits very well for this type of slot game, due to the theme. The way its crystal sound is very amusing. If the noise bothers you, you can mute it or turn the volume down on the game screen.


In the background, you will see a cave that contains different shades of blue. The reels are opaque and very small. They are so small that you will be able to see all of the detail put into the icicles. The title of the game is in capital letters in the ice blocks, showing the different numbers of paylines being played on.


The Norse Code- Changing the settings for the gameplay can be done on the left of the screen, through hitting the small arrow button. There are not a lot of different options. On the paylines, you can just play for either 10 or 20. For each line you can bet, 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, or 1.00 which is less than what a lot of slots offer.


If wanted, you can speed the game up. Holding down on the spin button will allow the reels to spin automatically. The options offered go up in the 10s and all the way up to 90. Also, 99 or the Until Feature. However, the Feature Bonus does not involve any decision making. With that being the case, it is still nice to see it.


The symbols in this game are heavily based on Nordic theology. It would have been nice to have this theme incorporated into the title. The paytable in this slot only shows the symbols with the most valuable symbols. However, their values are not extremely high. Landing five of the Norse god will get you 250 credits. The Valkyrie and the wolf Fenrir shares a value of 175. A raven and Viking ship gives out up to 75. There are 4 other symbols featured, but they are not shown in the paytable.


The Bonus- As already stated, there are two wildcards which is very unusual for a slot game.


The Ice Wildcard multiplies any wins on a line that it participated in by 3x. There is a Feature Bet button located above the spin button, and it can either be on or off. If you tap on it, the total bet increases by x1.5. Also, it will make the Ice Wildcard make an appearance on reel 5 that will go along with reels 3 and 4. It is crucial to know that this does not change any payouts from symbol wins. The line bet does not change.


The Ice Wildcards freezes until you turn the Feature Bet on or off, make the line bet go up, or make changes to the bet amount. You will be warned about what will happen if you do decide to make a change and you will be asked to confirm. The way it unfreezes is more exciting.


The Hammer Wild appears on reel 2. Any of the line wins will get multiplied x3. Even though there are not any Scatter symbols or Free Games, this symbol can still replace other ones.


Overall Thoughts about Ice Cave Slot- This slot has a lot to offer, even though there is not a bonus game nor a free spins round. The theme of the slot game is pretty nice. Also, it is very unique. Any slot player that is looking to play an online slot that is different than others currently on the market will definitely love playing this one. Its prizes are pretty decent. As you are playing this slot, you will realize that being a cave dweller does not have to be so bad at times.

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