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Have you ever wanted to go to a small island and get paid for taking pictures of leopards and eagles? If the answer to the question is yes, then you check out High 5 Games’ slot called Island Eyes. As you are playing this slot, you will realize that there is a couple who has been there since their childhood.

The couple needs to be rescued, but however, it will be smart to observe them and take pictures of them on the island. Who knows, there might be a nice book deal in place at some point in the future.

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2-3 Days

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You will get paid for all of the pictures taken in the short term. Also, there are bonuses to be collected which includes the Island Eyes Wild, a Mystery Symbol Reveal Feature, a Free Games Feature, and a Super Stacks Feature.

The Eyes- This island is the perfect place to go to and relax at. While you are at this island, you can take a few photos. Not only is this island a good place to relax and take photos at, but it is also a nice place to play slot games at.

The Prizes- The couple has left numbers and letters to reveal where the best places to see animals are at. If you find these markings, you will receive up to 15x your stake. Once you become comfortable, you can take 5 or more photos of the eagles to receive 20x your stake. You can also take 5 photos of leopards in order to receive 30x your stake.

When you are done observing the couple in their natural habitat, you will be able to receive some ideas on places to capture them. If you get 5 wonderful photos of the young man or woman, you will receive up to 50x your stake.

As you are playing this slot game, it is crucial to be on the lookout for mysterious symbols. If you find three of these mysterious symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4, you will get 7 free games. When the free games are occurring, you might get the option to choose a mystery symbol that will show a symbol that all of the stacked symbols will change into to form winning combinations. The Super Stacks Feature will also pop up before each spin and will turn stacked symbols into one single matching symbol in order to form more winning combinations.

Warning….the couple might go a bit wild on you because of how long they have been on that island. However, this is great because the Wild Bonus will get started up and it gives out prizes worth up to 1,000x your stake.

The Betting Limit- There is a good chance that you are probably already thinking about a Wild prize, but it is important to know that the stakes are small for this slot game. You can play 1, 10, 20, 30, or 40 lines for each spin and put a stake on each line from as small as 0.01 coins to 1 coins. Since that is the case, this means you can play just using 0.01 coins for each spin, or play the maximum bet which is 40 coins for each spin.

Overall Thoughts About Island Eyes Slot- This is a slot that any slot player can enjoy playing. There is a lot of bonuses to be played in this slot game. All of the bonuses are pretty entertaining to play. You will never be bored playing this due to the bonuses and prizes. Also, the images are in good quality. Not only are the payouts decent, but there are plenty of them.

Island Eyes is a slot that can meet your eyes and have them glued to the screen throughout the entire gaming session. As you are going through this island journey, you still have to be on the lookout for leopards and eagles.

Another good asset to this slot is the fact that it is not expensive to play. Any slot player will be able to experience the relaxation of this island through playing this slot. The fact that free games can be won is a huge plus.

As you are playing this slot, you are going to want to take a visit to this island. You will get a good understanding as to why many people would like to take a lot of pictures while they are vacationing there. As already stated, this island is the perfect place to relax at and get your mind off something negative that can be going on in your life. From time to time, we all need to take breaks and go on a nice vacation. As you are playing this slot game, relax, take nice pictures, and win prizes along the way.

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