Island Vacation Slot Review

We all need to take a break from time to time. If taking a vocational trip on an island sounds great to you then you should give the Island Vacation slot a try. Island Vacation slot was developed by Casino Technology.


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This is a video slot game that has a very relaxing vibe to it and it gives players a well-deserved break that has beautiful settings and a cocktail in their hand.


If this is your idea of having good time while taking a break, then this game is right for you. This game will give you a wonderful full tour of the island.


Saying Aloha- The title of the game alone sets the theme of it. Anyone who decides to play this game is invited to a tropical island in order to relax on the floor and have fun exploring the rich coral reefs that are of the coast.

The background shows tropical fish swimming in the clear waters and in a very happy mood. When playing this game, players are able to see a glimpse of the island’s coast which have palm trees standing tall and beautifully under the blue skies.


There are many slots on the market currently that have themes that seem to be fancy, but however what makes this one stand out from the others is its simplicity. Which is why this game is a favorite among slot players.

The music in this game is very relaxing and it fits perfectly with the theme of the slot. Also, players will hear the sounds of the crashing waves. Not only are the crashing waves heard, but so are some soft guitar music in the background.


This game has a tranquil and relax atmosphere to it and it is a very welcoming break for anyone that has been busy.


The Need for Sunscreen- Before going on the vacation, it is important that you have everything you need to make the most out of it. Everything you need is located at the bottom of the screen.


This is a game that is played on five spinning reels and 25 potential paying lines going across them. It is up to the players to determine how many lines will be activated and it is also up to them to determine the amount of coins they want to bet on all of them. To make changes in the settings, all a player has to do is click on the switches that are located on the left side. The red coin button can also be used to change the coin value. Credit total amounts gets adjusted automatically to fit the current settings. After completing this step, you are ready to goJ.

Not let the spinning begin through activating the Autospin feature. Next is choosing how many spins you would like to bet on in a row. After this, just sit back and cross your fingers about getting combination you want. From this point forward, the game takes control. In order to play turn by turn and adjust the bet settings after each spin that takes place, you would have to use the blue start button.

After every win, players can play a mini game through using the gamble option. During the gamble option, you have to click the button and make an attempt to guess the color or the suit of a hidden card to double or quadruple the wager placed. However, anyone who decides to gamble their option has to be very careful because even though you can play as long as you want, one mistake can end the game and cause you to lose everything.


Taking a Look at the Menu- On the paytable, there are 11 basic symbols that can be put into two distinct parts. The lower half are the classic slot symbols that start off with the number 9 and goes up to the ace. All of those symbols are displayed in a way that fits well with the game.

The upper half has more value and is more interesting. These symbols are related to the island trip. The symbols include two species of fish, a compass, a pair of slippers, and a snorkeling mask. A cash prize is triggered when at least three identical symbols are land on an active payline. There are some symbols that have a smaller winning combination of just two cards.

The Surprises- When playing this game, you have to be on the lookout for the last two symbols. The Diver, which is a young woman smiling is the Wild Card of the game. It can replace any of the symbols mentioned and help form extra combinations. Any combo that features this symbol or more, doubles the reward and this makes it the most valuable symbol.

The Oyster and its pearl is the Scatter symbol in this game. This symbol combinations trigger cash rewards no matter how they are aligned. Three or more of these symbols give out 15 Free Spins that multiplies all prizes by three.

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