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In the old days of online gambling, you needed to run the Windows operating system if you wanted to get involved. Mac users didn’t stand a chance, and it seemed like developers didn’t care. Luckily, that changed, and as Macs became more common and more people turned to online gambling, developers were forced into action.

These days you should not have an issue finding compatible software and games if you use the Mac operating system. You don’t even need to download the software onto your Mac and can simply play directly thorough your browser, regardless of whether you use the default Safari web browser, or you have installed Chrome or Firefox.

Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.


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Best Pokie Software for Mac

Microgaming have always strived to make the online gambling industry a more compatible and accessible place. They were one of the first developers to make their software compatible with the Mac operating system, and since those early days they have also worked tirelessly to make sure that mobile players, Linux players and more could enjoy their many games.

Microgaming has been around longer than any other developer. They are also the biggest, and they release more games than any other developer. All of these things ensure that Microgaming will always be number 1 in the eyes of many players and many casinos. They will always create the games that gamblers want to play more than any others, and they will always offer the service that their licensees will prize above any other.

So, if you want something that works with your Mac device, whether it’s a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, then you can’t go much wrong with Microgaming.

Where to Play Mac Pokies

Now that we have established that Microgaming have the best pokies, where can you find the best Microgaming casino? There are thousands out there and many of these are reputable, but the one that leads the way for us is Spin Palace. This casino is owned by the BetWay brand, where the record Mega Moolah jackpot was claimed in 2015, and where millions of dollars are gambled every single month.

Spin Palace Benefits

Spin Palace ticks many boxes for us and offers the complete package, which is why we love it so much. It has the best bonuses, a long list of banking options and so much more. It also has one of the few loyalty schemes you will find in this industry, which in itself is enough reason to give this Microgaming casino a go.

  • New member bonus
  • Free spin bonus
  • Advanced loyalty scheme
  • Regular bonuses for loyal players
  • Huge progressive jackpots
  • 500+ pokies and table games
  • Live dealer games
  • Dozens of banking options, PayPal/Skrill/Neteller included

Spin Palace Pokies

So, what sort of games can you expect to find on the Spin Palace casino? All of their games were developed by Microgaming, and although there is a trend for casinos to pick and choose their pokies, discarding a large number to save on space, on Spin Palace you will find the full roster of games. These include pokies such as:

  • Playboy: Available as both a single player and a multiplayer pokie, Playboy is based on the famous gentleman’s magazine, although there is no nudity here, so don’t get your hopes up. We much prefer the multiplayer version of this pokie, but both of them are worth playing, and that applies whether you have any interest in the Playboy brand or not.
  • Football Star: There are many sporting titles in the “Star” series, and most of these are interchangeable, with only a few minor differences. We enjoyed Football Star as much as Rugby Star and Cricket Star, although we weren’t as happy with the Basketball Star pokie, which fell a little flat.
  • Cash Splash: This was the first ever progressive pokie ever, and as a result it became one of the most successful and important titles that Microgaming released. It’s not the best progressive pokie on their roster and we much prefer Mega Moolah, where the jackpot is bigger and the bonuses are better, but Cash Splash is still worth playing, if not just for nostalgia sake.
  • Avalon II: This is one of the biggest and the best pokies that Microgaming have released, and one of the best games you will find on the Spin Palace casino. It has 3D graphics, some amazing animations and several bonus features. And the main bonus feature is definitely worth getting excited about, as this takes you on a long, exciting and generous quest for the Holy Grail.
  • The Great Galaxy Grab: This is a fun and quirky slot that is loosely based on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This pokie is not just for fans of this Douglas Adams classic though, as it also has a huge number of bonus features and an impressive Return to Player.

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