Recent Gambling News in May-June 2016

Rick Fox Creating Esports Documentary

Former Los Angeles Lakers player, Rick Fox strongly believes that the connection between eSports fans and eSports athletes is greater than the competition he had to face in the NBA.

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Fox has been very amazed at his partnership with Propagate and INE Entertainment to make an eSports documentary. The documentary will allow the world to see his experiences with the eSports community and those who are new to the sport. Fox is the executive producer of the show along with Mark Koops who is a veteran producer.


Days before this became news, a different former Lakers player, Kobe Bryant attended the NBA 2K World Champions event in Los Angeles. His appearance sparked speculation that he as well will be entering the sports gaming world.


Another former Lakers star, Shaquille O’Neal is an investor with NRG eSports. NRG eSports is a competitive League of Legends team.


Comcast’s Xfinity Brand Collaborates With ESL & Evil Geniuses

Xfininity is part of the largest broadcasting and cable table company (Compcast) in the world. Their brand will spread throughout the eSports industry because of two of their key partnerships.

Electronic Sports League is one of the company’s newest partnerships. The brand first made its appearance during the Halo Championships Series: Pro League Season 1 and the Storm Live Finals event. This event took place in Los Angeles last weekend.

Evil Geniuses is another company Xfinity has recently partnered up with. Xfinity will be providing the company with training facilities with their premium video product titled Xfinity X1 and Glgabit Pro Internet.


Also, the brand will enhance team jerseys, social media channels, and anything else they can put their hands on with this new partnership. In the year 2015, Comcast received $74.51 billion from revenue.


PAC-12 to Showcase eSports

The PAC-12 network will be making history. It will be making history by becoming the first collegiate athletic conference to air eSports on their network next fall, when broadcast begins. Larry Scott, PAC-12 commissioner has stated, “Esports is a natural fit alongside their current roster of games.”

The PAC-12 games will be competing in a series of match ups and will also compete in their championship game. As of right now the game of choice is not known. The PAC-12 eSports teams are known to have a good form. Out of the 64 colleges that have competed in the Heroes of the Dorm competitions, the Arizona State’s Dream were placed in the top two spots in the last two seasons and are the reigning champions.

ESPN has been airing Heroes of the Dorm all the way up until recently.

There are at least 250 million eSports viewers in the world, according to data that has been retrieved from Betradar. It has an estimated amount of $23 billion from the global wagering market that is expected to hit banks in 2020. Meaning that $1.81 billion generated for sports books in revenue.


Danske Forced To Stop Implying That Betting Profits From Online Betting Goes to Charity

            The Denmark state owned online operator has been ordered to stop a marketing slogan after it was found to be misleading. Denmark’s consumer ombudsman recently finished up its investigation of whether or not Danske’s slogan was accurate. The slogan stated, “Til glaede og til gavn.” It translates to “for the joy and benefit”. This slogan made Danish punters think that the profits from the company were going to charitable causes. Athletic programs were included in many people’s thoughts.


Since the late 1940s, Danske Pill had an illegal hold on the gaming’s operation. The profits that were raised by their lottery products were channeled to some charitable causes. This is where the slogan came from. It made its first appearance 10 years ago.


In 2012, the country liberalized its online gambling industry. This has allowed international operators to be able to apply for licenses. Currently only Danske Spill’s lottery profits go to the charitable causes. However, its other revenue is in the revenue stream from the state’s general.

A week ago, the consumer group, Forbrugerombudsmanden, decided to study the matter. The consumer group was able to determine that the punters were under the impression that the profits were going to charity. Since they thought that the profits were going to charity, they thought the changes were needed.


Since the controversy, Danske Spill has been told to stop using the slogan in regards to online casino operations and sports betting. However, there was one exception. The exception is that unless it includes clarification that the profits will be going to the government’s funds.


Hans Christian Madsen, CEO of Danske Spill, has been claimed to be very surprised by the decision. According to him, the consumers already knew about the differences between their online gaming operations and its lottery.

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