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Ever wanted to have experience with some birds and see them in a brand new light? Well here is your perfect opportunity to do so. You can have this opportunity through playing Monster Birds slot. Monster Birds is an online video slot developed by Mr. Slotty. This is a game that provides you with a unique inside to a world that is gruesome. In this world, nothing is quite like how you would expect it to be. While you are going through this unique journey in Monster Birds, you will be trying to win cash on the reels.


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The question you need to ask yourself when playing this game is will you be able to keep your composure when you are facing these beastly birds? If you want to find out more about Monster Birds, then you should continue reading this article as it will give you key information needed to win.


The Theme of Monster Birds- The theme of the Monster Birds slot is pretty dark and twisted. Its setting is in the center of the deep and dark woods that has birds that defy nature. These birds can be only described as monsters. You would not want to feed these birds in your backyard. That is how scary they are. This is a slot that proves Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic horror film to be right.


When you take a look at the game screen, you will realize that its setting does look like it could in the middle of a dark and dismal woods which are very far away from civilization. In this setting, there is only a small glimpse of the sky and there are trees that knit together in order to create a canopy to trespassers away.


If you manage to get through get passed the woody jungle, then you will find a machine that has scary looking birds. The looks of them go from freaky to outright flat out frightening.


These birds are covered in bandages, bruises, wearing hats, and they look battered. Also they float like a ghoul. These type of birds, you have not seen. However, you have to spin these reels in order to win. Make sure you take a deep breath and get ready to face these frightening looking birds.


The Magpies- Magpies are known to have hidden treasure so it is best to take a look at it and see if there are any prizes in it you can win.


The paytable is the best place to take a look at first which can be used through the button on the main screen.


In order to have a win in this game, you must have at least three matching icons on an active payline. The more matches you are able to land, the bigger the prize will be. Also, the type of symbol you land will also play a role in the prize you will receive. The reason is because not all of the birds have the same value.


For instance, landing the blue bird will only get you 10 for getting three of them. In contrast, landing five matching green birds will give you 1,000.


The basic symbols are not the only symbols that you will give you a prize. There is a wild symbol and offers the chance to form winning lines more easy by replacing other symbols. Also, if you land at least three of the special free spins symbol, you will receive 10 free spins.


A High Win- Once you get familiar with the paytable, face these birds and cross your fingers for a high win. It is important to make sure that you get familiar with the settings of the game because it is crucial to know what is at stake.


This is a slot that has 5 reels and up to 25 paylines can be played on. You can reduce the number of paylines through using the toggle button which is located at the bottom at the bottom of the screen.


In this game, you also have the ability to change the minimum amount of coins of one to a maximum of 100.


The Auto Play feature can be useful if you intend to have a long session because it will make the reels spin on your behalf without any manual interventions.


If you want to give this game a try without having to pay, you can use the demo mode.


Also, there is a gamble feature for any risk takers. This gamble feature gives you the opportunity to double or quadruple your prize. However, it can also take away your whole prize.


Overall Thoughts About Monster Birds- This is definitely a slot that can make you view birds in a different light than ever before. Even though this slot is not packed with features, it is still pretty fun.

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