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Red sands in a specific part in Australia (Ayers Rock) has been the main source of wonder. Thanks to the online slot Red Sands, is now the main source of fortunes. This is a game developed by Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming has a good reputation. Due to its reputation, it is good to expect that this slot will live up to the reputation. When playing this game, you have the opportunity to win prizes for collecting Aboriginal symbols. Also, anyone who plays this slot would notice that there is a lot of wildlife animals included in this game. Those wildlife animals include kangaroos, hedgehogs, mice, and koala bears. Another thing to keep an eye out for are all of the bonuses that are available. In these bonuses there are wild kangaroos and other symbols. The Wild Kangaroos can replace other symbols and the Scattered Moonscapes can take away the total bet multiplying prizes and give out a Re-spin Feature. Guess what? There is a random jackpot that can be given out after any spin.


Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.


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Taking a trip to Australia will not cost much in this game. The spin-stakes start from as small as 0.01 coins for each spin. Anyone who has an Android Tablet, iPad, or Kindle Fires can play this game.


Rock and Reeling- The blue skies along with the color of the rock is so beautiful in this game. It provides the perfect background for this 5×3 grid. Not only is the background perfect for this game, but it has 20 paylines and a lot of nice payouts to give out to the players.


The Re-spin Rewards in This Game- If a player lands any symbols from their very first spin, the Aboriginal symbol will give out up to 200 coins. They also have the ability to win up to 500 coins for finding hedgehogs, up to 1,000 coins for finding mice, and up to 1,500 coins for finding koala bears. All of these prizes can be doubled if a Wild Kangaroo works with other animals to form a winning payline. This does not stop here. If a player finds 5 Wild Kangaroos on any of the paylines then they can receive up to 5,000 coins.

Another thing to look forward to when playing this game are the Scattered Moonscapes. That is still not all. These scattered symbols can give players total-bet multiplying bets. Two of these symbols will award 2x the total bet. Three of them will award 4x the total bet. Four of them will award 10x the total bet. Five will give players 50x the total bet. Yes you read that right…50x the total bet. Landing at least two of those symbols will also trigger the Re-spin feature. In the Re-spin feature all Moonscapes hold still while the reels re-spin up to the amount of 10 times.


After each spin, the random progressive jackpot can be triggered regardless if it is a winning one or a losing one.


The Spins in the Game- This is a slot that does not ignore the smaller stake players. The first choice a player should make when playing this game is how many of the 1 to 20 lines they want to play. If a player wanted to play all of them, they can do so for only 0.2 coins for each spin. Another option a player has is to choose a larger bet of up to 0.25 coins for each line. This makes the minimum spin only at 0.01 coins for each spin, and the maximum is only at 5 coins per spin.

Ayers Rock is a tourist attraction in Australia. If you want to take a trip to the famous spot, then you should definitely play this slot. Playing this slot will give you the opportunity to get the feeling of what it is like to be there. It is a tourist spot for a reason. Also, there is a reason as to why there is a slot that has a theme based on it.


This is definitely a game you should check out as soon as possible. It is a slot that is full of a lot of entertainment and the prizes this game offers is very nice. The prizes that this game offers can definitely put a person in a very happy mood. It is a simple game to learn to play. Also, it does not take a long time to get used to playing this game. Another great thing about this slot is that it gives players opportunities to be able to enjoy themselves. This is the most important factor of every slot game. When playing a slot, the players must be able to enjoy themselves. If they do not there is a good chance that they will never play it again.

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