The Rolling Stones Slot Review

The Rolling Stones slot was developed by Aristocrat. It is a slot machine that provides a lot of entertainment and joy. Not only does it provide a lot of entertainment and joy, but it gives an amazing experience. During a time you are not busy, you should definitely give this slot a try. Trust, it is a favorite among many for a reason.

The slot is very impressive. Not only is the slot impressive, but its appearance is very impressive as well. Especially since the appearance of slot can play a major role in being a deciding factor in whether or not a player wants to play the slot.

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2-3 Days

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Who Are The Rolling Stones?- The Rolling Stones are a legendary Rock band that formed in 1962. Even though they have formed back in the year of 1962, still to this day, they have not shown one sign of slowing down. The band is still holding on strong today and have been able to have sold out concerts. Some of their most famous songs include Paint In Black, Angie, and Sympathy for the Devil.

The names of the members of the group are Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood (who joined the band in the 1970s). Each members of the band make appearances on the reels in this slot.

What it Takes to win in this Slot?- This slot contains 6 reels. Even though the standard on how to win is pretty standard (hitting the same symbols on a win line from left to right), players will have to have the extra bonus of larger payouts when they hit six in a row.

When a player is playing this slot, they will notice that the reels are filled with the standard music symbols like a microphone, a drum kick, and an electric guitar. They will also see a concert pass and also of course the band members.

All of the symbols in this slot are stacked four high. This means that the symbols can surround an entire reel. While they are doing this, the band will be in action. Mick Jagger will pose during the time he is singing while having his leather jacket wide open. While Mick Jagger is singing and posing, Keith Richards is taking action with his electric guitar, which is gold. All of the stacked symbols can lead to a lot of wins, with just one spin. The perfect scenario for all players of this slot is that the same members land on all six of the reels.


The Rolling Stones logo which is the lips and tongue, is the wild symbol of the slot. In this slot, the wild symbol will replace the other symbols except for during the bonus. When the wild symbol appears, the tongue licks the reels.


The last symbol of this slot is the Rock N’ Roll Steel Wheel Bonus. However, to get to this point, the player would have to land at least three across any of the reels. This bonus has a Wheel of Fortune type of wheel in it. It appears on screen above the reels. Once a player gets to this point, they will either win a specific credit amount or will receive entry to either the World Tour Picks feature or the Start Me Up one.


The World Tour Picks Feature– This feature has 10 logos on the screen. Each of the logos are the lips but with different national flags. Players have four picks. They will either be shown a cash amount or a member of the band which will make the cash amount bigger. If a player uncovers each of the band members, they will be able to receive extra picks or an awesome prize.

The Start Me Up Feature- This feature offers 7 free spins. While this feature is occurring, the player has to look at the screen above. In the screen above, the player will see five reels. Each of the symbols on the reel are stacked 10 high. During the free spins, there are 80 activated win lines. Also, players will be given an added bonus and the tongue makes an appearance. During its appearance, it licks a number of symbols before the spins. The symbols that are licked will continue to be sticky wilds. When the feature ends, there will be a large number of wilds on the five reels.

Players will also see a Wild Licks feature that randomly appears. During this feature, the tongue appears again and makes the symbols turn.

Due to all of the amazing features of this slot, the slot is being given the grade of an A. By the way, the music in this slot is also very amazing which would only make sense, since the slot is based on a legendary rock band.

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