Treasure Compass Slot – Review

Geco Gaming has developed a game that is quiet but challenging at the same time. Also, it is a rewarding slot game. That game is Treasure Compass.


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This game takes place in the jungle of South America and it also provides an invitation to go through the rich Mayan civilization. Even though this is a popular theme in the slot world, it still contains original gameplay features that causes it to stand out from its competition. It stands out in a good way.

Experience this rewarding journey through the jungle and search for the hidden gold located in Maya.


Its Theme- This is a game in which sends players to a hostile environment. When they are going through this journey, they have to go through the jungle and find the hidden treasures in Maya. The background in this game is very gorgeous and has a realistic view of the tropical jungle. Not only does it have a realistic view of the tropical jungle, but it also has a lot of details that can cause anyone to lose themselves into.

In this game, there is a stone structure that is reminiscent of the architecture in Maya which frames the reels.


The music that is played represents the game’s universe. As a matter of fact, it adds something extra to the theme of the game. What is even more impressive about this game is the final result.


After you have launched this game, you will not be able to wait to explore this world. It is well designed and very believable which is why it provides an atmosphere that you are not going to want to leave.


Finding The Way Around- This is a very simple game and it has a familiar set of rules that will get you started in a quickly manner.

It is a five reel game that has 3 symbols each. There are 20 paylines in this game. All winning combination symbols on an active payline starts from the left and ends at the right. If you want to make changes to your total bet size, then you would have to use the arrows that are located below the reels. It is important to keep in mind that the bigger the bet is, the larger future winnings will be. Once you are comfortable enough to start the game, all you have to do is hit the red spin button.


Players do have the option to play this game through using the Autospin mode. This game mode allows the reels to be on autopilot and it allows players to place their bet without any interruption as much as they like. The settings can be customized in a way which will let the game to stop automatically after a certain amount of money had been won or a certain number of spins have been played.


Collecting the Wins- The paytable in this game contains details that fit in with its universe created by the developers. Even the classic symbols in the game like the J, Q, A, and K are designed in a way that resembles the Mayan hieroglyphs. These icons are the most common on the reels and they have the least value out of all symbols.


The Mayan artifacts in this game have the higher value. Their value goes in this order: Necklace, a Gold Chest, a Mast, a Statue, a pair of Armbands and a golden Idol. Each of these icons are full of detail and they have a really nice look. Obviously the icons are even nicer when nice wins are triggered.


The Symbols- The wild of this game is the Compass. It only appears on reel 3. After this symbol lands, it will point into two directions and the adjacent symbols transforms into Wilds.


This game has a unique Ante Bet option. It lets players make the stakes go higher if they wanted to do so. In order to have access to this, all someone has to do is click the green jewel located on the upper left of the screen to open the Multiplier menu. Placing an additional bet to the standard wager, a multiplier gets added to the Wild Compass. A multiplier that goes up to x10 to the game.


The scatter is the Pyramid symbol. This means that the symbol has the power to create rewards no matter where it is aligned with the other scatters. If one pyramid appears on the screen at the same time as the Compass, a respin is awarded. Also, this changes the orientation of the Compass as well. If three more of this symbol gets landed without any wilds appearing, a prize that can go up to 1000 times the original bet will be rewarded.



This game has as a popular theme, but its gameplay still has some originality to it. Also, the graphics in it are stunning. The usage of the wilds and scatters might seem a bit confusing at first, but however it does not take a while to get the hang of it.

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