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The South Australian government will be introducing the nation’s first interstate gambling tax. This will be done to leverage some of the profits that have been going out of the state.

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis announced the budget measure yesterday. It is expected to reap 9.2 million a year from companies that are based in interstate and South Australia. The 15 percent wagering tax will be determined by the place of consumption. It will be hitting companies who have based themselves in the interstate in order to be able to benefit from lower tax rates.

Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.


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Mr. Koutsantonis stated, “The betting industry is rapidly changing and our tax regime needs to change with it,” according to reports. He also continued by saying, “If betting companies are making profits from South Australian punters, they should be paying tax in South Australia, not in whichever jurisdiction their head office and servers happen to be located.”


Wagers are usually tax on the players’ loss. In the year of 2015, the NSW government made an announcement stating it would be cutting its wagering tax by 2020 to connect with Victoria’s tax rate of $.1.28 which would be at per $100.


Sports betting started to increase in the 2000s. The rise of the internet played a huge role in this. Also, the easy licensing of gambling providers in the Northern Territory also played a huge role in this.

The attempt by the WA government to make amendments pass to the betting laws in the state to prevent interstate betting got defeated by the High Court. Betfair, argued that it would be a contravened section 92 in the constitution.


New Australian Film to Take Aim At Gambling

Recently, there have been allegations of fixing taking place and concerns about gambling problems for star players. However, experts are now looking forward to an up and coming new Australian film that will take a tough look on the issue of sports and gambling. It is expected to become a valuable tool to help those who are addicted to gambling. The name of the movie is titled Broke.


The film has already been winning international awards and commendations. Also, it has been touring around the Australian country. The film has been shown at invination only screenings. It is fictional, but however based on real stories of different gamblers.


Heath Davis is the director and writer of the film. The film focuses on those who have had their careers ruined from gambling like Bulldog Ryan Tandy. Heath has known a lot about ex-NRL players and junors who played in the rugby league. Also, Davis grew up in a rugby league town located in Western Sydney. The players she has known about all ended up having some sort of addiction to gambling.


Steve Le Marquand who is an actor in the film, got inspired to understand the complex emotions that make someone have an addiction to taking a punt. Working on the film is what inspired him to try to accomplish this. In the film, he plays someone who is trying to get their life back together.


“I had to understand the psychology of it more. What drove people to gamble. I spoke to a lot of specialist as well,” said Marquand, according to ABC.


In a lot of movies that deal with gambling, most of the time the gambler is shown living the “lifestyle” and doesn’t show the actual reality of being a gambler. This film does the total opposite. It represents the reality many gamblers around the world face. Not only is this film relatable to gamblers, but also to friends and relatives of problem gamblers.

            The movie has not hit mainstream yet. When it does, it will probably have a lot of people talking. It is the type of film that can make a large impact on society. Even those who are not gamblers can still gravitate to this film and learn about the issues many gamblers face. Those who are addicted to gambling face similar issues regardless of where their residency is at.


Broke was made on a small budget. Even though it was made on small budget, Davis strongly believes it can still resonate with people because it has a message about an issue that is not going to be going away any time soon.


Many people who work with problem gamblers have given this film a thumbs up. According to this ABC report. HopeStreet Gambling Help Counselor Sondra Kalnins stated, “Every issue that a problem gambler experiences was covered in the movie, ranging from desperation, homelessness, financial crisis, relationship crisis, and even the thoughts of suicide.” When this movie does become available to the public, it will definitely be worth checking out. It is expected to be released to the public soon.

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