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Do you want to play a slot that blends music and wild animals together? If the answer to the question is yes, then you need to play Wild Stars slot. Not only do those components blend in together, but it is a lot of fun and it offers nice prizes.


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The theme of this game revolves around an African safari. Each of the wild animals featured in the game have a unique music personality to them. It is a one of a kind game that contains a dynamic gameplay. Also there are a lot of big wins to receive through playing this game.


A Unique Safari- The graphics in this game are in such high quality and Cayetano definitely did a wonderful job at attracting players to it.

In the background of this game, you will see the vast African savannah with graphics that have a realistic look to them and it provides players with a feeling of freedom. The reels look like some sort of stage because of the wooden scaffoldings, spotlights, and loudspeakers framing them.


This game has an impressive look to it. Also, it has realistic sounds in it that helps players feel more connected to the game.


The Gameplay- Starting this game is a no-brainer. However, just like with any other slot game, it is crucial to know the basic elements of the gameplay. Once you understand all of the basic elements of the gameplay, you will be ready to start betting.

There are five reels in this game. Each of these reels contain space for four symbols and there are no less than 40 paylines provided in total. In order to receive a win, you have to land winning symbol combinations on the paylines. Guess what? These paylines might expand and stretch out to a 100 line set up when under a certain type of conditions. The rewards that will be given out to you depend on two factors. One is the type of symbols you land. The other factor depends on your wager. If you want to adjust the bet for each line, you have to use the command bar that is located below the reels. It is important to remember that you can try for bigger wins in the long run by betting a little extra amount at the start of your turn, if able to do so.


You are also given the option to use the auto spin mode to place the same bets for several spins in a row without having any type of interruptions. Do not worry, you will not miss anything. As you go, the winnings will fall into your credit total.


The Paytable- There are 10 basic reel symbols that can be put into two categories, based on their design. Usual card symbols are placed into the first group. It starts with the number 9 and goes all the way up to the Ace. These standard symbols do not really look like much and do not pay like you would think they would. However, they do give you multiple opportunities to land multiple wins on the payline while you are playing.


The lion, zebra, hippo, and giraffe make up the rest of the symbols. They each have their own music inspired look. Landing 5 lions will give you 1200x your initial wager. It is definitely best to not let any of these animals go unnoticed.


The Rewards- The record symbol is the wild in the game. It can replace any of the symbols listed. In Wild Stars, wild combinations have the highest values. Rewards for wild combinations go up to x4,000.


When two loudspeakers appear, you will be given a free re-spin. This will give you another shot at getting a win. Three loudspeakers appearing will give you access to the free spin bonus round along with an extra 100 payline super reel group.


Last but certainly not least, you can receive a win that goes up to 100x your bet value each time you land 3 monkeys. Make sure you keep an eye out for the monkeys as well.


Wild Stars contain a lot of originality and graphics that are in high quality. This is typically safe for slot developers. The result of this game is very memorable and it is a fun game for slot players to play. Remember when you are playing this game to keep an eye out for the bonuses and try to receive as many of the free spins as you can possibly get. During those free spins, the winning possibilities are even bigger there. Cayetano Gaming definitely put in a lot of effort when they created this one! Players of this slot game are definitely in for a good treat and a memorable gaming experience.

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